Produce, Parking, and Trinidad

November 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

One of many produce shops along Church Street

Yesterday morning, I went over to the cool little produce corridor, down the street from our place to buy some fruit. The selection isn’t the best quality, but when you can get 9 apples in New York City for $2.25, I won’t complain. Most grocery stores are overpriced. For example, later on I bought a box of everyday cereal on sale for $3.99. [Expletive deleted]!.)

These limes are actually expensive. I've seen 40 for $1.

After shopping, I moved my car. Daily alternate side parking rules for street cleaning seems a little excessive to me.  Note: if you move to New York City, call 311. The rules are not always in effect. It’ll save you some time and having to park miles away from your apartment (like I sometimes have to do).


I spent the remainder of the morning and afternoon blogging, watching movies on free promotional premium channels, and relaxing before my hectic full time work/night time tutoring/bar studying commences on Monday. Sleep may soon take on “hobby’ status.

That night, my fiance’ and I couldn’t decide what we wanted to eat, so we went wandering. New York City is one of a few cities where having no plans for dinner is a good thing. You’ll be sure to find something and it will almost always taste better than the equivalent in any other city.

Christmas is already in full force on Flatbush Avenue

We ended up eating at a Trinidadian Roti place called Ali’s. While “Roti” is a variety of unleavened breads eaten through most of the Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the West Indies–“Roti”,  in our neighborhood of mostly Caribbean immigrants, typically means a curried meat and chick pea burrito-like entree (which has always left me wanting a chicken tikka masala burrito from the Bay Area’s Curry Up Now Truck). This time around, the “Roti” was mediocre at best (read full review here).¹ We probably should have known when the place was mostly empty when we entered (the first Roti place we went to was a zoo).

I learned that ordering "Bussup Shut" means the Roti comes in non-burrito form and the bread is slightly tastier, i.e. buttered.

I ended the night by watching the movie Closer. If you’re ever in too good of a mood and want to feel like your relationship is perfect, give it a stab (No, mom, it’s not that show on TNT with Kyra Sedgwick).

Lesson 1: Don’t buy produce from grocery stores. You will get ripped off.

Lesson 2: Don’t eat cereal.

Lesson 3: Always, always, always, have your mobile Yelp app ready for random forays into unfamiliar restaurants.

¹This review is relative to other New York City Roti I’ve had. If I had this meal in Princeton, Minnesota, I would think it was amazing.


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